Vertical Garden

As a part time marketing lecturer I’m often talking about the 4 ‘P’s (Price, Product, Place & Promotion). However in these strange times, I’m personally thinking of how we can adapt. My current 4 ‘P’s are Positive Productive Personal Projects. This week’s one is how to use some old timber and paint, and if you don’t have access to plants, maybe text a gardening pal within 2kms, and they can leave a few on your doorstep. Luckily I have strawberries that are constantly seeking new homes. So that’s what we’ll use those to make a vertical strawberry garden.

This pallet arrived with a delivery of logs a while back and I really like the bark panels.

I decided to fit three planks to the rear to effectively make three planting shelves.

I pre-drilled the panels to make it easier to attach them to the pallet.

Three planks form the base of three planting shelves

OK, so now the three planting shelves are formed, paint the front. I used leftover paints from the shed.

Front has been painted using @Ronseal Garden Paint (Purple Berry), and @Sadolin Extra wood stain for the bark.

Now, plant up the pallet from the back. Old milk cartons are superb for planting seeds. Here the middle layer are chives planted from seed a few months ago. The bottom shelf is strawberry plants – they’ll enjoy hanging out the front. For the top you can use anything architectural. I’m fond of crocosmia (both firethorn and lucifer), the firethorn appeared earlier in my garden, so I split out a few bunches to use on the top shelf.

So, that’s one project that will use some old rubbish from your shed. It will take about 2-3 hours and in a few months time you’ll be enjoying fresh strawberries as a reward for your efforts. In the meantime, stay safe and stay sane.