Graphic Studio Dublin Members 2010

This fabric covered catalogue was published to celebrate 50 years of the studio which had been founded in 1960 by Pat Hickey, Leslie McWeeney, Liam Miller, Elizabeth Rivers and Anne Yeats. Fifty years later almost 100 artist members work out of a superb converted distillery building in Dublin’s north inner city. This catalogue celebrates the milestone by illustrating their work. With introductory essays by Donald Teskey RHA, Jackie Ryan, Robert Russell & Catherine O’Riordan. Catalogue edited by Osgar O’Neill and designed by Paula Murphy, printed by Impress Printing.

Founder Leslie MacWeeney
One of the five founders of Graphic Studio Dublin Leslie McWeeney was a groundbreaking modernist printmaker, and represented Ireland at the 1959 and 1961 Paris Biennale.