Draiocht Dublin 15

Guidelines for Building a New Arts Venue in Ireland

Written by Jackie Ryan for Theatre Forum Ireland in 2007.  

This report was compiled as a response to many local authorities in Ireland seeking to add to Ireland’s cultural infrastructure. It is written from an end-user’s perspective. The same year the RIAI asked me to address its members on aspects of Draoicht Arts Centre’s design successes (co-presented with Fingal County Council re Blanchardstown Library which comprises the southern half of the same civic building).

The Report can be read here: http://www.artscouncil.ie/uploadedFiles/wwwartscouncilie/Content/Arts_in_Ireland/Venues/Building_issues/TheatreForum_guidelines_arts_venues.pdf

In 2022 this document is being updated in collaboration with OBFA Architects.