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  • Start your Art Cart

    Start your Art Cart

    With two weeks until Christmas, here are a few suggestions for buying Irish art for all budgets. Its always better to get up close and personal with art, but if you are under pressure you can add to your art cart from the comfort of your laptop. All the artists, studios and galleries featured here…

  • Christmas Trees (and other Landscapes)

    Christmas Trees (and other Landscapes)

    Luscious Landscapes for your Loved one So you are racking your brains for something meaningful as a present for your loved one (which may be yourself!). What can I buy where it is sustainable, it makes me happy, and it will be a part of future memory making in my home? We have chosen a…

  • Spice Up Your Space With Graphic Prints

    Spice Up Your Space With Graphic Prints



    Fine-art print-making is a terrific way to enliven your space with Graphic Art.   Many famous artworks are copied, and printed mechanically – and while they are prints, they are a world away from ‘fine-art’ prints, whereby every aspect of the concept of the image and the making of plates, is a hand made process,…